Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waiting Wednesday – NERGC 2013

At this time tomorrow, I’ll be sitting in the First Timers Session of the New England Regional GenealogicalConsortium’s 2013 conference.  Today is waiting day.  The day where I look forward to the conference, and where I begin to reflect on what needs to be done before I leave.

I should mention that I’m not a very organized traveler.  In fact, I don’t really like traveling.  I like being places, but not traveling to, or preparing for them.  My usual mode of preparation is to look at a map to make sure I know how to get to my destination, then pack some clothing last minute when I remember that I’m staying overnight.

In this case, I’ve been to the location where NERGC is being held on a few occasions, so I already know how to get there.  You’d think I’d be ahead of the game, but no.  As I dressed for work this morning, I realized that I need to pack for the weekend.  Fortunately, I’m only driving a few hours, and not flying cross-country, so packing should be light.

So, what have I done to prepare for the conference?

I’ve read through my agenda and the syllabus papers that were emailed to me in the last few days.  For me, it breaks down like this:

Thursday Morning: Get oriented and immersed in the conference culture.
Most conferences have similarities on the surface, but they are all different in their own way.  After registration, I’ll attend the seminar for newbies like myself, then the main opening session.

Thursday Afternoon: Photos photos photos!
All of my afternoon sessions revolve around old-photos, which is a big interest of mine.  Some of the information may overlap, but I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn.

Friday: High-level research
The Friday sessions that I selected are of a high-level interest to me.  That is, I don’t have an immediate need, but the sessions look like they might hold some information for future research.  I have a fascination with the colonial era of America, to the session “Researching Your French and Indian War Ancestor in New England” is appealing.  “Digging Up the Dirt on Your Farmer” is another that I’m looking forward to, as I’m descended from long lines of farmers on both sides of my family.

Saturday: Local research
Saturday is the day for focusing on “my” states.  That is, states that my immediate ancestors hail from.  In particular, I’ll be attending sessions regard research in Vermont, upstate New York, and New Hampshire.  The day will be wrapped up with a session on gravestone symbolism, because, let’s face it; old gravestones are cool to look at.

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